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Put your passion to work.

Your career can be one of the most important factors to a fulfilled life and we believe that you spend to much time at work to not enjoy what you do.


At JJC Recruitment we are always open to meeting and discussing with you your ambitions and needs from a future employer. We put an emphasis on getting to know who you are and learning about your unique skills and experiences. This allows us to present you the opportunities that we feel will be best suited to your aspirations.

At all times you will find our recruitment consultants to be knowledgeble, efficient, honest and approachable, they understand the sectors that we serve and they are always happy to share their insights.


We will support you throughout your journey, guide you and help you prepare for your prospective interviews and will provide feedback where neccessary. 

We offer a free CV editing service and would be pleased to help you with presenting a professional and attention securing CV to present to prospective employers. 

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